Yahoo – Microsoft: les utilisateurs de BOSS en beau fusil

La communauté BOSS est en beau fusil suite à l’annonce de Yahoo que son moteur de recherche sera remplacé par celui de Microsoft sur les différents sites de Yahoo.

Les développeurs de BOSS s’en donne à coeur joie sur le forum et ils se sentent abandonnés.

Dans un communiqué laconique, un membre de l’équipe BOSS explique la situation.

BOSS developers,

Over a year ago we launched BOSS in the spirit of opening up Yahoo!’s search
infrastructure to the world to help pioneer search innovation. Today, thousands
of you actively use BOSS on any given day sending us tens of millions of
queries. Thanks for all of your passion and help to shape the
BOSS community, culture, and energy across the globe.

Now, about today’s announcement. There’s plenty out there for you to read about
the details, so we won’t go into that.

What specifically does it mean for BOSS? Honestly the team is still absorbing
the implications and we just don’t know. We can tell you that BOSS will remain
live for the time being. There are many aspects still to be considered. Over
the next several days we’ll be working hard to get clarity and will update the
community as soon as we can.

If you want the official messaging, here it is…

« What about developer tools and APIs like SearchMonkey and BOSS?

This is the beginning of a process and we’ll be working with Microsoft to
determine what makes the best sense for both us and developers. Regardless, we
are certainly committed to continuing to innovate on the user experience of
search all across Yahoo! and on continuing to engage with the developer
community on several fronts, opening up leading audience experiences and data to
third-party innovation. In that context, SearchMonkey can add a lot of value to
how we help people get the most out of search and out of Yahoo!. Over the next
several months we’ll determine what makes sense with our developer offerings and
provide information when available. »

More to come soon, we promise.

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