Lucky Surf donne 185 000 euros

De grâce ne vous faites pas avoir par les courriels SPAM vous faisant croire que Lucky Surf vous donne 185 000 euros et que vous devez remplir le formulaire et le retourner pour obtenir votre argent.

Ne soyez pas dupes.  Personne ne donne 185 000 euros dans un tirage par courriel.

Ne donnez aucune information confidentielle par courriel à des tiers.

Courriel: la Zenith Bank en collaboration avec l’ONU veut me donner $350 000

Encore une fois c’est de l’arnaque faites-vous plaisir et détruisez cela si vous recevez un courriel similaire à ça:.

ZENITH BANK COMPENSATION UNIT, IN AFFILIATION WITH THE UNITED NATIONS. Send acopy of your response to official email: or


How are you today? Hope all is well with you and family?,You may not understand why this mail came to you.We have been having a meeting for the passed 7 months which ended 2 days ago with the then secretary to the UNITED NATIONS.

This email is to all the people that have been scammed in any part of the world, the UNITED NATIONS have agreed to compensate them with the sum of US$
350,000.00(Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollars)This includes every foriegn contractors that may have not received their contract sum, and people that have had an unfinished transaction or international businesses that failed due to Government problems etc.

Your name and email was in the list submitted by our Monitoring Team of Economic and Financial Crime Commission observers and this is why we are
contacting you, this have been agreed upon and have been signed.

You are advised to contact Mr. Jim Ovia of ZENITH BANK NIGERIA PLC, as he is our representative in Nigeria, contact him immediately for your Cheque/ International Bank Draft of USD$350,000.00 (Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollars) This funds are in a Bank Draft for security purpose ok? so he will send it to you and you can clear it in any bank of your choice.

Therefore, you should send him your full Name and telephone number/your correct mailing address where you want him to send the Draft to you. Contact Mr. Jim Ovia immediately for your Cheque:Person to Contact Mr. Jim Ovia
Email: or


Goodluck and kind regards,

Making the world a better place

Mr. Ban Ki-Moon

J’ai un QI plus grand que Brad Pitt ! – I have a better IQ than Brad Pitt !‏

Encore des pourriels (SPAM) qui circulent sur Internet.

Cette fois-ci il est intitulé

« J’ai un QI plus grand que Brad Pitt ! – I have a better IQ than Brad Pitt !‏ »

De grâce faites-vous plaisir et détruisez ce courriel.

Voici son contenu:

Coucou, comment ca va ?
Je t'envoie cet email pour te dire que je viens de faire mon test de QI, et... woaaah ! Il est plus grand que celui de Brad Pitt !!
Franchement, tu devrais essayer tout de suite toi aussi : , en plus, ils donnent un certificat d'authenticite. La classe pour frimer เ l'ecole ou au travail !
Allez, fais vite le test sur et dis moi combien tu as eu =) !.



Hey, how are you?
I send this email to tell you that I just made my IQ test, and ... WOAAAH! It is bigger than Brad Pitt!
Frankly, you have to try it now:, in addition, they provide a certificate of authenticity. The class to show off at school or work!
 Go, be quick test on and tell me how you got =)!.


EDMONDS LOAN INVESTMENT COMPANY veut-elle vraiment vous prêtez de l’argent?

J’ai reçu ce courriel récemment, du pur SPAM.  Faites-vous plaisir, mettez ça dans vos courriels indésirables.

Comme on dit en bon québécois, c’est un attrape-nigaud.

714 Edmond’s House,
3 DF Road, Docklands,
London, T3 2KA
Tel. Number:  (+44) 702-405-4668

Greetings Applicant,

We write to acknowledge the receipt of your email,we the Edmond’s Loan Investment (E.L.I), got your email, we will be able to lend you any amount of money you need, if only you agree to our terms and conditions,We Offer LOANS ranging from $3,000.00 Min. to $10,000,000.00 Max. at 4% interest rate per annun, You are to fill the Loan Application Form , so that we can send down our terms and conditions to you, Below is the loan application form as stated .

Loan Application Details
Name(Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., etc.):
First name:
Middle name:
Last name:
Date of birth (yyyy-mm-dd):
Marital status:
Total Amount Needed
Time Duration
Zip/postal code:
Home Phone:
Office Phone:
Monthly Income

Any interested persons should fill the form above.


Mr Edmond Johnson
Edmonds Loan Investment Company
Edmonds Loan/ Operation Manager.
TEL: (+44) 702-405-4668
Edmonds Loan Investment (E.L.I).